Social Responsibility

Toolquip has been supporting the Rally to Read program for the last 8 years and this year was no different. This year Toolquip sponsored 3 rallies namely:

  • Mpumalanga (represented by Chris Riley & Tim Gilbert)
  • Free State (represented by Steve Turner)
  • KZN (represented by Keith Naidoo)

Rally to Read was started by Brand Pretorius former CEO of the McCarthy Group some 18 years ago and was initially sponsored by the McCarthy Group and is now supported by Bidvest.

Rally to Read focuses on rural non-fee paying schools as without fail, almost all rural schools in South Africa have one thing in common; a lack of educational resources. It is for this reason Rally to Read has been established to provide resources and support. Sponsors, organisers and participants of the Rally have visited the most remote and needy schools in rural areas to deliver books, teaching aids, science kits, sports equipment, educational toys and other material, all of which are taken for granted at urban schools.

The success of the program is deeply embedded in its ethos of skills transfer. To this end, the Read Trust supports schools for 3 years during which regional Read Trust educators are partnered with needy schools. These educators work tirelessly with teachers in sponsored schools to transfer skills and teaching methods. This coupled with yearly deliveries of books, teaching aids, science kits, sports equipment, educational toys and other material allow the learners within the schools to acquire new skills which not only uplift the pupils themselves, but the community at large.

One of the most significant hidden benefits to the program, which was not anticipated, has been the increased level of literacy in the community. On the Mpumalanga rally this year, a parent of a Foundation Phase learner, with no prior education, got up to read to the pupils and community present. The pupil had been taught to read through the Rally to Read program and had gone home and taught her illiterate mother to read.

The most important thing of all, the Rally to Read programme delivers hope to rural learners, their teachers and their parents for a better future.

Toolquip & Allied are proud sponsors of the North-West University's 2016 Sirius X25 Solar Car competing in the Sasol Solar Challenge

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