1. Cable cutters

    Electrical cable cutters capacity:19mm, 21mm, 24mm, 52mm

  2. Spanners

    Combination spanners 15deg; & deep off-set, double open ended spanners, ratchet wrenches

  3. Pipe wrenches

    250mm - 1200mm Standard, light weight & off set pipe wrenches, belt type & chain type

  4. Hammers

    Toolquip stocks a full range of hammers, including: Emgomeers hammers, ball pein & cross pein hammers, claw hammers, club hammers, soft face hammers, copper mallets, dead blow hammers, and welders chipping hammers.

  5. Files

    Engineers files & scrapers, farmers own files, file sets, thread files, & file handles

  6. Flap wheels

    Spindle mounted abrasive flap wheels for straight grinders

  7. Crankshaft grinding wheels

    Grinding wheels for grinding crankshafts

  8. Handy rolls

    Metal working cloth abrasive rolls

  9. Die nuts

    Die nuts for external threading.

  10. HSS tool bits & holders

    Round, square & rectangular HSS formable toolbits (std, 5% & 10% cobalt)

  11. HSS tool holders

    Parting tool and turning tool holders, boring bars & fly cutters

  12. Brazed tip tools

    Tungsten carbide tipped turning tools

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